The Desolation


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The horror of abortion is not unknown to most believing Christians. The fact that in our nation alone around one million pre-born children are murdered in the womb each year is no secret. What multiplies the horror however of the legalized killing and the magnitude of the act is the total lip service that most Christians give to ending abortion. How many, for example, actually participate in pro-life work? How many withhold their vote from politicians who support child-killing? Likewise, how many pastors will preach on the subject more than on a rare occasion? Most relevantly, how many pastors will organize their parishioners to do something to end the killing?

The Bride of Messiah is negligent in her work. She is heartless, cold and empty to be as callous towards the murder of little children as she is. That’s not to say that nothing is done, but it is shamefully little. Even the Catholic Church, which is a standout leader in protecting the lives of the unborn, often comes across as if it really does the minimum. After all, where are the people? Where are the Church organizations? A small collection of retired folks and two young people do not illustrate the Bride’s abundant love for her children. They illustrate something, sure. But more than anything Open Jasmineelse, the small numbers illustrate that the Body of Messiah is largely asleep.

That sleep isn’t just in its lack of diligent work. It is even more so in its lack of knowledge. How many within the Church, for example, really know what it means to be pro-life? How many understand the ethics of protecting human life, and the fact that we are human and have human value from conception? Who has been instructed to oppose those who stand for legalized abortion? It seems few believers know these areas well and most don’t care. This is a failure on a massive scale, and most notably by our leaders who are perennially negligent. Whether it is because they themselves don’t know, or because they fear the backlash if they truly become radicals, our leaders do little or nothing.

BridePaintingWolfgangPeterAntonWe are a force for good in the world, beloved. We are a people chosen to seek righteousness and bring the light of Mashiach to all the nations. To relentlessly pursue the good. Yet when we do nothing, it is as if that life and that light our Savior brought us have been sucked out. It’s as if we’ve been made empty. Perhaps you could compare it to a spiritual abortion. The life’s been sucked out.

I hope that this page of Kodesh Kallah will offer some excellent information on human life and protecting it. I also hope it will help inspire people to do the work of Mashiach, and protect the most innocent of the innocent. Bring it to your lives. Bring it to your congregations. Bring it year after year.  Do not stop. That hunger and thirst you have to protect the innocent is the hunger and thirst for righteousness. That is the child the Bride is to carry within herself. That is the child of Her womb.

…the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.  For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now. (Romans 8:21-22)






To the Restoration of the Bride:
Congregational Proposal — This is a brief sample letter asking a local congregation permission to provide pro-life material. Feel free to use it, and make any alterations you think helpful.
Organizational Proposal — This is a longer sample letter asking a denominational body or other large governing body of congregations to become formally active in pro-life work. It includes suggesting a pro-life office and various kinds of activism.

Exposing and Ending Abortion — I recommend everyone listen to this sermon by Jeff Durbin and respond to it. His church is on the street saving lives in front of abortion mills while preaching the Gospel. The sermon is an exhortation to the churches, and also contains some very good witnessing advice. 
God bless THIS man — 180 The Movie, by Ray Comfort, on Hitler, abortion and the Gospel.
I did not SURVIVE to make people comfortable — Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen.

Learn about Sidewalk Counseling:
A Major Sidewalk Counseling Website — This website has an enormous number of helpful resources for saving lives on the street.
An Example of Sidewalk Counseling –God working to save twins.
Another Example of Sidewalk Counseling — It’s the father that wants her to come here.
Training Seminar in Sidewalk Counseling — This is an eighteen-part video series.
I Live in You, You Live in Me
Interview with a Sidewalk Counselor — Peter Shinn interviews Dick Retta, who counsels at the 16th Street abortion mill, just blocks from the White House in Washington DC. I’ve had the honor of knowing Dick, and he is an amazing man. 

Free Pregnancy Care
Free Crisis Pregnancy Centers — This is a list with links to Catholic Crisis Pregnancy Centers in every state of the U.S. 

Answer the Common Claims that Sometimes Abortion is Needed:
Abortion Never Medically Necessary — An article about the Dublin Conference in 2012.
Abortion Never Saves a Woman’s Life — This is a thorough piece that corrects the big lie, that abortion is needed to save a woman’s life.
The Case of Ectopic Pregnancy — Many people think abortion is necessary in cases of ectopic pregnancy, but it is not. Like several other rare cases, one can ethically treat the symptoms to save the mother’s life, even if it harms the child. This is not an abortion, and has never been considered one in history.
Is it Ever Justified? — This article by pro-life physicians answers multiple claims that there are exceptions.
What about Rape and Incest? — This is an excellent two-page brochure that looks into several aspects of the question.
Rape and Other Possible Exceptions — Another article answering possible exceptions, including rape and incest.
Hear from a Woman Conceived in Rape — “I truly feel that no matter the circumstances surrounding the conception of the child, the child should not be punished for the crime of the father. And I truly feel that when someone says (abortion should be illegal) except in cases of rape and incest that exactly what’s happening.”

Abolitionist Groups 
Pro-Life Unity runs this Adopt the Mills program with aims to organize activists and churches to keep vigils at all the baby-killing centers in their area. They also organize other kinds of pro-life work, from activism to education.
Pro-Life Action League was founded by Joe Scheidler and organizes protests, sidewalk counseling and other non-violent activism  against mass murder through abortion.
40 Days for Life runs one forty-day vigil during the Fall and another during the Spring with prayer, outreach and sidewalk counseling. You can coordinate your own 40-days program in your area with some guidance from their headquarters. These vigils have appeared in hundreds of cities in the USA and many more in countries including the UK, Spain and Australia.
Church Repent appeals specifically to churches to condemn abortion and to act against it. They also appeal to legislatures and individuals. They have chapters throughout the U.S.