A Man in a Dress?


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Well, it’s not a man in a dress, but it IS a woman preaching from the pulpit. This is the latest in evangelical silliness and modern gender-bending in the Body of Messiah. Having women teach over men and take on leadership positions, although specifically prohibited in scripture, is cutting through countless congregations and Messianic synagogues including some formerly “traditional” ones. For now, it’s one of the most divisive trends moving through the Body, but once the perpetrators get it totally normalized, just like the secular world has with sodomy, people will generally either accept it or leave their local congregation. I for one left.

I know a lot of people are saying, well maybe you’re right about it being counter-biblical, but what’s the big deal? It’s not like it’s first degree murder. I know I know. It’s not first degree murder. But by way of example, I’d point out that having the pastor show up in a frilly pink dress isn’t first degree Man in a Dressmurder either, but it IS ridiculous gender-bending and I’d never sit under it if it happened. I’d leave. Furthermore, this role reversal in the holy Bride of Messiah is only indicative of disobedience elsewhere, especially the refusal of men and women to act like men and women. It’s indicative of the not very biblical marriages out there. It’s indicative of the women who refuse to be workers of the home and raise their own children. It’s indicative of the desire of women in the Bride to imitate men in any number of ways. Women are not meant to be imitation men. They are meant to be women.

In fact women violating scripture in this regard is so common, it’s almost making the words “woman minister” become dirty words. I guess this is similar to the way that our culture, in its obsession with homosexuality, has made a man putting his arm around another man into a suggestive and possibly ugly thing. It’s the same vein of thought. We have thoroughly damaged gender roles to the point that the word “woman” next to the word “ministry” carries with it some of the same ugliness. What a shame that it’s so. But this failure is not only the responsibility of women, it is ultimately the responsibility of men, because as pastors and even as husbands, they have failed in THEIR own roles by allowing it to happen. If men had behaved like men, we would not be seeing this. It is a transgendered Bride of Messiah.

Woman with BeardOne of the many negative consequences of the role reversal we discuss is the damage that it does to what holy women in the Bride of Messiah COULD rightfully be doing otherwise. They could be very occupied and fulfilled in the ministry of the home. They could be taking care of the sick or elderly in their own congregation or neighborhood. They could be adopting children from foster homes, children who might otherwise be bound to this unbelieving hedonistic culture for life and raising them up in Messiah. They could be feeding the hungry. They could be ministering to the poor. These are all glorious and fulfilling pursuits that godly women could be doing. Instead, pardon me, our women prefer to exercise their mouths, and presume to be able to teach over men.

Therefore, I’ve collected some resources below to teach about biblical manhood and womanhood, especially in the congregation. I’ve included some materials I’ve written myself to congregations and governing bodies on the subject, and I confidently believe the material shows that women heading congregations and women preaching over men are aberrant practices. I encourage you to use the resources below to the best of your ability. The restoration of the Bride involves the restoration of man and woman, much like salvation itself.

Marriage of the Lamb






And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into transgression. Nevertheless she will be saved in childbearing if they continue in faith, love, and holiness, with self-control. (1 Timothy 2:14-15)


To the Restoration of the Bride: 

Resources by Trained Apologists, Professors and Leaders
A Short Video — Pastor John MacArthur discredits the widely popular feminist doctrine in this twenty-two minute video. He deals with the major verse from 1 Timothy point by point, and places it all in the broad biblical worldview of man and woman. An excellent piece by a highly-respected biblical pastor.
Article 1 — A thorough essay by Matt Slick of CARM arguing biblically against both women pastors and women preachers.
Article 2 — A concise piece by Daniel B. Wallace PhD arguing biblically against women preaching from the pulpit.
Article 3 — Professor Douglas Moo goes over 1 Timothy in detail.
Article 4 — Matt Slick of CARM responds to a paper arguing for women pastors, and answers the question: Should I leave my church over this?
Article 5
Did Paul allow women to prophesy in church? This excellent and thorough article examines the meaning of 1 Corinthians 11:5, opening with the clear understanding of the early Church on the subject.
Todd Friel Video — This short monologue by Wretched TV covers many of the points about gender roles briefly. Although it doesn’t get into any in detail, it clearly proves the main message: that the traditional view of gender roles relies on the plain instuctions of scripture, and that the feminist view relies on ambiguities and alleged exceptions.

My Protest Material for your Reading and Use
Protest Letter to Religious Governing Body — This is a letter of protest I wrote to the governing body in my own community, against the trend of feminizing the congregation, which caused me to leave the community. It includes a brief review of the text along with explaining a number of reasons why we should not allow this. I have removed personal names, organizational names and some lingo.  Feel free to use any of this material for your own similar use.
A Response from One Leader and My Subsequent Response — This is the answer I received from my protest above and my own answer to various points the leader brought up. I want to point out that is seems obvious that the only things behind this feminist doctrine are 1) Terrible translation and 2) Grasping at the straw of any possible exception. I don’t mean to be mean or anything, but this is without a doubt a counter-biblical doctrine.

Answers to Major Objections — Along with my letters, I’ve included this piece to place the responses to objections all in one place. You will likely find one you’ve heard, or even believe in, answered right here.
My Response to a Local Minister — This is my response to a conversation with a local minister from the same community. Since it is answering a previous conversation, I have included a paragraph of explanation in the beginning. I think most of it is self-explanatory to anyone familiar with the subject. Just as with the above letters, it seems plain that the feminist doctrine stands on some very muddy ground.
My Response to Another Pastor — This is also a response to a previous conversation with a pastor who accepts the new doctrine. He had quite categorically laid out the argument for it, and once again, it came down to bad translation and potential ambiguous exceptions. This letter is briefer than the others.
My Brief Protest to Another Congregation — This letter does not try to do much apologetics, simply to make an impassioned plea against this practice, and point to the harm that it causes. It is addressed to what would otherwise be considered a traditional church, which had capitulated to the feminist doctrine in only the past year. Shame.
My Letters to 2 Women Congregational Heads — One of them gives a detailed but not very exegetical response. The other only a brief reply. Yet notice what they both say — God told them to do it. You’ll hear that more than once as a pretext for other behavior too. Does God call people to disobey Him? Not likely.